Treat and prevent iron deficiency anemia

Duroferon is a medicine used to treat iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia. Duroferon also acts as a prophylactic treatment in pregnancy and blood donation.
Duroferon releases iron gradually during its way through the gastrointestinal tract and thereby maximize iron absorption. Duroferon also contain ascorbic acid (vitamin C) for better iron absorption.

The role of iron

Iron deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t have enough of the mineral iron. The body needs iron to make hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that enables them to carry oxygen to muscles and tissues.
Eating an iron-rich diet is good, but it is not often enough to treat iron deficiency anemia. Duroferon is Sweden’s most commonly used medication for treating iron deficiency anemia.

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Pharmaceutical product
Duroferon; Iron Sulphate, 100 mg, 200 depotablets, 100 depotablets

Indication: For treatment of iron deficiency anemia och iron deficiency. Prophylactic therapy during pregnancy and blood donation.

Max +25°C

Precautions: Iron supplements can poison children and make your stools black.
Do not take Duroferon if you have obstructions in the gastrointestinal tract. Iron tablets can reduce the effect of other pharmaceuticals. Read the list of contents thoroughly or talk to your doctor.

Read the list of contents thoroughly: