Avia Pharma relaunch Dentosal Original toothpaste

Avia Pharma relaunch Dentosal Original toothpaste

Dentosal Original will be relaunched in pharmacies in May 2021. Dentosal Original was taken out from production in 2019 and will now be available again.

Dentosal is a strong brand with high awareness and many loyal customers. When it was taken out from production great activity from loyal customers took place on several platforms and forums to bring it back.

Dentosal was first launched in Sweden in 1915 and has been very appreciated amongst consumers ever since. Dentosal contains natural salt that polishes away discoloration and is gentle to the gums. Dentosal has a unique formula that does not foam, and it does not contain Natriumlaurylsulfat that some people suffer allergy to.

Dentosal pack design is updated in a new modern design with a recognition from a former pack design.

Through Dentosal Avia Pharma strengthen the collaboration and partnership with Perrigo and Avia Pharma is very proud to get the toothpaste back into the market.

We are very pleased to have been able to manage to bring back the missing toothpaste to the market says Jacob Calmvik, CEO Avia Pharma

Dentosal Original will be launched at Apotek Hjärtat in May 2021.


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